Saturday, April 30, 2016

Peer Group Conference

Stella is learning so much about being a librarian! This weekend was the peer group conference for the librarians at all the community colleges in Virginia (plus faculty who use OER; we shared conferences with them because our interests overlap).

We actually took a little side trip first, by leaving a day early and going to Fairfax to visit my best friend, who had a baby four months ago and I had not yet met him! I didn't take any photos of Stella with him, because (1) he has a little octopus toy that looks A LOT like Stella and I didn't want to confuse the little dude or get Stella all slobbery (he's in that "explore the world by putting my mouth on all parts of it") and (2) I didn't want to take photos of him while he was sleeping in case I woke him up. Rest assured, though... he is SUPER cute.

Anyway, then we headed to Richmond for the conference!

Trying to get a photo of the George Mason University
sign as we sat at the red light, leaving Fairfax.

Peekaboo! We got a little silly exploring the
hotel room in Richmond.

So many towels!

This was as we were going up to Fairfax.
I rarely have both traffic on the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel
AND an LV with me (and the wherewithal to get a photo)
so this is pretty unusual.

The building at John Tyler Community College
where half the conference presentations were
(mostly the librarian ones, including mine!)

Bust of John Tyler himself in the middle of their
beautiful campus.
Looks familiar! Same sign as our last trip, but at a different rest area.

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