Friday, April 15, 2016

Driving from Roanoke to VB

It is so nice to have an LV tagging along when you have to drive 10 hours in two days!

Scenic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains on the side of I-64W

Another scenic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this time
at the VDOT memorial

Historical signs at the first scenic view

Stella said we needed to bring these home from the hotel because they're just her size!

The pillows, however, were a bit large for her.

As they say, Virginia is for lovers! This sign is at the rest area (well, this one is so big
they call it a Welcome Center). Stella needs to work on her balancing skills,
so for now, she had to sit in front of the "O".

At the second scenic view pull-off, there's this big memorial for VDOT
(Virginia Dept of Transportation) workers killed in the course of their work.
And there's wee little Stella down front, reading the names.
So we are home, tired of driving, and ready for the weekend.

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