Thursday, April 28, 2016

Book Club

Last night, Stella came with me to my book club! We're a small group that meets in the library I work in (but it's not just staff members, it's open to the public). We don't pick a single book for all of us to read... we pick a genre each month. This month was graphic novels, one of my specialties!

On the left is Fables vol. 1, the book our fearless leader read for this month.
The paper Stella is sitting on is my trivia quiz (we do one each month, in the theme
of the genre we read that month) and I blew everyone else out of the water for once (7/13 right!)
And the mug is a Christmas present for an attendee who hasn't been able to come for
a few months so she got it last night. It has a bunch of first lines from famous books!

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