Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Octopi are known for being good with ink, so Stella had a good time checking out my new tattoo! (I didn't have her out while it was getting done... Partially because the shop I go to has a general "no photos behind the curtain" policy and partially because that ink can get all over the place, and Stella did not want a tattoo of her own.)

I can't get the whole thing in one photo, but it's the sigils of the Endless from the Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman. Stella will be on her way back home before I get shading done in a few weeks.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Bagpiper Birthday

My mother-in-law hired a local bagpiper to come play for her father's birthday over the weekend as a nice surprise. I didn't get a very good photo of Stella with him:

But we wanted to share anyway.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


The zoo in Norfolk had a Pokemon Catch-a-thon. They have a ton of Pokestops, and they put lures on almost all of them for 2.5 hours. For $5 (it was a fundraiser) we could walk around the zoo after-hours and catch a ton of Pokemon! They said the animal exhibits would all be closed, but some of them don't really go inside at night, so we got to see some anyway! The photos aren't the best, since most of the animals were done for the day, but it was still exciting, since I didn't think we'd see any animals except Pokemon! Also, I cosplayed as Nurse Joy.

Snacktime for the adolescent giraffe

Look closely... there are two kangaroo back there! There's also an emu but he moved
out of sight and I didn't realize it until much later that he wasn't in the photo.

Stella stood in for Chansey for this Nurse Joy!

Ostriches hanging out in the back of their pen.
The sign is asking me not to feed them.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


We spotted a mermaid in Norfolk! Unsurprising, since it's on campus and we were on our way to a meeting... but fun nonetheless. Actually, if you sit right in front of this particular mermaid, you can reach 3 Pokestops at once... so we sat there for a little while.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Donuts? Duck!

Duck Donuts may not have originated in Virginia Beach, but we do have TWO of them! Over the weekend, we took Stella there.

You can sit and watch them making the donuts fresh.
They only make ring donuts, hot and fresh, and you can
choose from several icings, toppings, and drizzles.

Originally from Outer Banks NC
Then, later in the day, we made some poke! If you aren't familiar, it's raw tuna marinated in onion, soy sauce, sesame oil and seeds, garlic, and some other stuff, then you serve it on top of rice with avocado (or any of a number of other things, that's just what we had around). It's a great meal for a rainy summer day.