Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cross-Country Drive Part 3 (KS, MO, IL, IN)

Next up: Kansas, Missouri, and a little bit of Illinois and Indiana!

Behind another rest area, and I'm
90% certain it's in Kansas. (It's either CO or KS.)

The only other picture I have of Stella in Kansas is at the Topeka Library,
because truth be told, we didn't stop anywhere in Kansas or see anything of
particular interest. We wanted to stop at the largest ball of twine, but it
would have added 2 hours to our already pretty long day so we gave it up.

Marriott in Kansas City... those lights change color and move in patterns.

And that's our hotel, the very art deco Aladdin
(operated by Holiday Inn).

Kansas City's Central Library was very high on my list
of "must see" places on this trip. This is actually their
parking garage, which they call the Community Bookshelf
because the people of the city voted on which books to
put on this giant one-block-long wall.
Do you see Stella?

There she is, right behind me!

And this is the actual library that goes with the parking garage.
We got too early a start in the morning for them to be open,
which is a shame, since I'm sure it's gorgeous inside.

Unexpected public art on our walk to the library

This probably isn't a big deal to many of you from other states, but Virginia
doesn't have White Castle. Stella told me that Michigan does have them,
and made some delicious recommendations.

Corn. Stella and I are convinced now that
approximately 80% of American soil
is being used to grow corn, based on what we saw.

I screwed up a little tiny bit on this one...
This is a Daughters of the American Revolution
statue outside the library we stopped at in Illinois.
Which is cool, but I didn't get a photo of
Stella with the library, which is this really cool
old building and the staff was really nice.

Entering Indiana!

The Harrison County library in Corydon Indiana.
Very pretty library, but they were closing when we got there
so we didn't spend a lot of time inside.

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