Monday, June 6, 2016

Awesome Con

This past weekend was Awesome Con in DC! It's a very hectic weekend, so I did my best to get as many photos of Stella as I could while also cosplaying, doing the cosplay contest, buying art, meeting celebrities, navigating the convention center, and remembering to breathe!

We found some buddies for Stella! We didn't buy any,
just stopped for a quick chat.

In the Lego building area, they had this newspaper cutout for photos.

Time to stop for a snack!
(Walter Washington Convention Center has excellent fries!)

Open play video game area with several old-school games (see the Pac-Man table on the right?)

There was a group that does memorabilia preservation work,
and they had several glass cases of interesting items,
including these Superman pieces...

...this Rainbow Brite and Care Bear, the Newsweek from when
M*A*S*H ended, and a few other things.

Back in the Lego area, there was a Brick Fair Derby
where kids could build a Lego car and race it down the track!

The tables for building the Lego vehicles

One of the MANY artists we bought art from
in Artist's Alley

General crowd shot... EVERY aisle was like this
on Saturday!

From above the exhibit hall floor, checking out the crowd

And Stella also helped watch my friend Beth's baby,
who was an absolute angel the whole time.
Somehow, I managed to not get any photos with Stella when I was in the Iron Man scale dress that I posted the teaser photo for, so here's one without Stella:

(Beth is Hawkeye, Jessica is Hulk, I'm Iron Man!)
Beth knitted the scale together, and made the bottom of her & Jessica's dresses too.

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