Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cross-Country Drive: Part 1 (AZ)

My husband and I flew to Phoenix last weekend to pick up his grandparents' car and drive it back here to Virginia Beach, because they're moving here. So we had a few adventures! This is everything from Arizona (Day 1 and part of Day 2):

On the plane, ready to fly from Norfolk to JFK to Phoenix!

Hittin' the road, leaving Prescott AZ and heading north

I have several photos of just Stella looking out the car window... You can see
the landscape change as we cross the country.

We didn't know for certain until we stopped at our hotel
and turned on the news, but that smoke cloud back there
is a small grass fire that had been burning for a few days already.

If you ever visit the South Rim of the Grand Canyon,
I very highly recommend Plaza Bonita for dinner!
This chimichanga was DELICIOUS.

A Stella-sized cactus!

On the walk to the scenic views of the Grand Canyon,
this concrete design shows the different Native American
groups from the area (I couldn't get them all in the photo).

The Grand Canyon!

Yup, that canyon is pretty grand.

Stella and I enjoyed the visible lines of sedimentary rock. So pretty.

Whoa, it's a long way down!

The most dangerous picture I've ever taken of an LV
(if my husband had let go of here, Stella would have
been at the bottom!)

One last look before we go!

Pretty, right? This is behind an Arizona rest area.
I thought it was weird too. But so pretty!

We don't have rocks like this at home.
I was a little fascinated.

They actually have a "Standin' on the Corner" Park
in Winslow AZ, on Route 66, like in the song
"Take It Easy." Better yet, we had an Eagles
greatest hits CD in the car, so we listened to that
on our way there. (See Stella on his shoulder?)
Such a fine sight to see!

I have a personal goal of taking a photo of myself in front of a library in every state.
So we knocked out quite a few of those on this trip!
Here we are at the library in Holbrook AZ, "The Library on Route 66."
It was Sunday, though, so it was closed.

I really like this accidental photo my husband took there!

And that was it for Arizona.

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