Monday, May 23, 2016

Tidewater Comicon!

Not only is Tidewater Comicon the beginning of my comicon season, but it's my favorite, because it's at home. I know exactly where I'm going, where to park (and that it's free to park), where to eat... so easy. Also, I've worked with the guy who runs it, and he is very good at what he does, and all around a nice guy, so I like supporting the show.

Our friends Beth and Chris bought Munchkin: Marvel edition
on Saturday at the show, so we played it that night.
I accidentally helped Chris win the first game (oops!)
but then I won the second one. Cool!

Line of cosplayers waiting to see the judges for the second day of the cosplay contest
(first day was superheroes + judges' favorites; second day was non-comic-book).

What a crowd!

A female Deadpool with a functioning
taco truck!

Stella watches me and my friend Nicole
give a panel on Fan Fiction.

Then she joined us on the panel!

Checking out some of the many wares... the exhibit hall was HUGE! It grows every year.

A glimpse of a con to come... Hmm...
[I will add a photo of Stella with me in my Zoe Hange cosplay when I get it off the phone later...]

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