Thursday, May 26, 2016

Food Truck Rodeo at Farmer's Market

I think it is just so neat that there is a Farmer's Market just up the road from where I work! Unfortunately, it's a bit difficult to get into the driveway from our direction, so I don't go as often as I should. But yesterday they had a food truck rodeo, and my favorite local food truck was there. Plus, we were staying after work for book club anyway, so it was a nice little break to head over for dinner first. (Also, the rain finally stopped, so it was bright and sunny!)

Stella relaxes on the grass with our food: "Blue Ribbon Fries" (a spiralized, fried
blue potato with queso fresco, a salsa-type sauce, and cheese sauce drizzled on it)
and, the reason they're my favorite food truck, two beef empanadas!

Live music playing on the stage in the middle of the
traffic circle where all the food trucks parked

Stella on the little table next to the truck (Sofrito) while we wait for our food

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