Saturday, May 14, 2016

Stella in Radford (and Wasserhund)

I'm pretty sure The Innovative Library Classroom at Radford University is the last library conference I'll be taking Stella to! But it was fun, and very informative, and Radford is beautiful!

This was actually at the end of our trip, but we stopped at the same scenic view
on the side of I-64 to see the Blue Ridge Mountains. (We did this on the way back
from Roanoke, as you may recall... What can I say? I don't see a lot of mountains
around Virginia Beach.)

Mountain selfie!

Pretty lawns at Radford University... Trying to get a bunch of photos
before it starts to rain! We barely made it.

Their library is so gorgeous! And big! Can you see Stella on the stairs?

We found the Alumni Gardens next to the library

Walking around the Alumni Gardens

Radford U has quite a few outdoor sculptures on campus

This sculpture and the next one were in the same
area of lawn, with a sign designating it a sculpture garden

Opening remarks at the conference

Stella got her own bed in the hotel

Getting a nice steam from the shower in the hotel

Stella, what are you doing? You aren't coffee; get out of there.

You may remember our Wasserhund Brewery growler... Right after we got home
from Radford, we took a friend to Wasserhund for Friday the 13th lunch.
She got a few flight tastes, and the glasses are just Stella's size!

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