Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bar Trivia

Stella came to book club again, but now that we aren't an official library program, we've gone rogue! We chose Wasserhund (which Stella has been to before) and the night and time we chose happen to be when they do bar trivia!

We actually started off pretty strong... we were in first place after the halftime question! But then we lost it all.

Fun facts we learned: Barbara Streisand has had a top 200 Billboard hit every decade for the last six decades. The "SOS" in the dish soap stands for Save Our Saucepans. Coca-Cola introduced their "I'd like to teach the world to sing" campaign in 1971 during Superbowl VI. Michael Douglas is 25 years older (to the day) than Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Answer to the trivia question from the Craftster post: KFC was founded during the Great Depression!

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