Saturday, September 3, 2016

Baltimore Comic-Con

As a costume contest winner from last year, I got a free pass to Baltimore Comic-Con this year! And Fabian Nicieza (one of the original creators of Deadpool) was there, so obviously I had to go. Stella and I took the day (my birthday!) off work, drove up to see my friend Beth, and then the three of us went to Baltimore.


This is Piggy, the 3-legged super dog! This table was
selling comics about Piggy. Beth bought some while I
petted the pupper.

Beth and I only collect Funko Pop figures of
characters we've cosplayed. I thought I'd never find
Ramona Flowers!

Legions of Lego people and creatures! Stella is a giant compared to them!

The entrance to the exhibit hall

The Baltimore Convention Center

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