Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Independence Day

Stella and I had a fairly quiet Independence Day (in the sense that not being busy is "quiet"... we heard a lot of fireworks so it was not that kind of quiet). It was a mix of being home after driving across the US, wanting to get some home organizing/cleaning done, and preparing for my husband to start clerkships today (the unpaid intern part of med school). Plus, it was rainy off and on all weekend.

This was the rain we were faced with, leaving work on Friday!
We made a mad dash for it (Stella had the benefit of hiding in
my purse, with a plastic bag around the whole thing, while I got
more drenched than I would have if I had just stepped into the
shower in my clothes!) and of course, the rain cleared up after
we got in the car and made it about a mile up the road!
It was fun though. I'm a firm believer in running through a good
downpour about once a year.

Not knowing what would be open for lunch on the 4th, we decided a safe bet
was our favorite sushi place, since they're open pretty much all the time.

Fireworks! (I promise Stella is in the photo,
it was just really dark.) We go to my in-laws' house
for fireworks, since there's a country club across
the water that does them every year, and that means
we don't have to worry about parking or crowds.

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